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Snapchat Stars Snapchat Usernames

What is Frankie Considine’s Snapchat Username?

If you are looking for Frankie Considine Snapchat then surely you are on the right post let me give you a brief introduction Frankie.

A sex addict who slept with more than 130 men because of her sex addiction.

image of Frankie_352 Snapcode

About Francia James :

Age 28 year old 
Zodiac Sign
image of Frankie Considine On Snap

Frankie talked about her previous relationship after her sex addiction

Her name is Frankie Considine and she slept with 130 men at the age of 28.

as she had sex with four men in one night when she was 21.

She lost her virginity at the age of 14

and her relationship with her boyfriend lasted four years and then betrayed him.

She says that although she loved her boyfriend, she had sex with another person at least every two weeks,

her relationship ended with the death of her mother after losing her battle with cancer that lasted for a whole year,

the loss of her mother made her addicted sex and got out of control

as She slept with an endless number of men to fight her grief, after leaving

her boyfriend, and leaving the university.

Shattered by the loss of her mother, she was not interested in drinking or taking drugs, sex was her coping mechanism

Sex addiction and health problems :

It is true that Frankie enjoyed the thrill, but her sex addiction affected her mental and physical health, as she became depressed and afflicted with many sexually transmitted diseases,

and she conceived a child without knowing the identity of the father before she was diagnosed as a sex addict, she would cancel her appointments or meet friends if she can have sex

So now its time to get Frankie Considine name/username following is the what you were looking for you can find almost all celebrities snapchat on our website you can check out other Celebrities.

Frankie Considine Snapchat Name : @Frankie_352

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Snapchat Stars Snapchat Usernames

What is Mia Khalifa’s Snapchat Username?

If you are looking for Mia Khalifa Snapchat then surely you are on the right post let me give you a brief introduction Mia.

Mia Callista Lebanese-American Snapchat Model, Khalifa has a lot of followers on YouTube and Twitch, Mia Owns on her Instagram account that bears the name of miakhalifa more than 19.1m followers, Mia has made a big fuss through her work in films.

image of thedcsportsgirl Snapcode

About Mia Khalifa :

BirthdayFebruary 10, 1993
BirthplaceBeirut, Lebanon
Age27 years old
Zodiac SignAquarius
image of mia khalifa On Snap

Khalifa studied at the University of Texas with a degree in history.

Mia worked at a fast-food restaurant, and she has work in sports commentary on the Complex News online.

She has a tattoo of the first words of the Lebanese national anthem on her arm, which is in Arabic.

Khalifa participated in many films and gained a large number of followers during a short period

Callista left the industry and maintained her presence on social media, as it still has a large number of followers.

Khalifa Join to YouTube and became a Youtuber to share her ideas and Different other videos.

It has a YouTube channel named Mia K, which is followed by more than 824 thousand subscribers, and the Channel views reached more than 44,562,897.

Mia always making a fuss on Twitter with her controversial tweets as he follows her on her Twitter account more than 3.3M Followers.

She had a relationship with her high school friend and then they married in 2011. In 2016, they separated, and Mia engaged to Swedish Chef Robert Sandberg at the beginning of 2019.

So now its time to get Mia Khalifa name/username following is the what you were looking for you can find almost all celebrities snapchat on our website you can check out other Celebrities.

Mia Khalifa Snapchat Name: @thedcsportsgirl

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Snapchat Stars Snapchat Usernames

What is Dr. Miami’s Snapchat Username?

image of Dr. Miami's on snap

If you are looking for Dr.Miami Snapchat then surely you are on the right post let me give you a brief introduction Dr. Michael Salzhauer An American influencer on social networking sites and an accredited plastic surgeon. Michael is very popular after publishing his stories in the Snapchat about patients’ surgeries. He specializes in surgery, nose, and buttocks augmentation. Salzhauer launched his reality program on We TV.

image of @therealdrmiami Snapcode

About Dr. Miami :

BirthdayApril 16, 1972
BirthplaceNew York City, New York
Age47 years old
Zodiac SignAries
image of Dr.Miami on snapchat

Dr.Miami Before fame :

Michael enrolled in the College of Medicine and worked as a cosmetic surgeon for years, before he was promoted to become president of Bal Harbour Plastic Surgery in Miami, he discovered the Snapchat application by chance and from here his star and set off and the use of his pent-up creativity, his work increased shortly after using Snapchat and the demand became Much.

Achievements & Awards :

Dr. Miami won the prestigious Patient Selection Award in 2010, which is awarded to a small number of doctors in the country, he Came in second place in the eighth annual Shorty Award in 2016 in the category Snapchatter.

Dr.Miami Personal Life :

Dr. Miami met his wife, Eva at the Brooklyn College in the cafeteria, where they both were studying psychology. He started dating her and then after a short time they married in 1994, Michael is Jewish nationality and he has a son.

His entire family donates to Chai Lifeline, a charity that helps children with cancer, Dr. Miami and his sister, Leora, have been honored by the Foundation for the significant contribution they make

So now its time to get Dr Miami name/username following is the what you were looking for you can find almost all celebrities snapchat on our website you can check out other Celebrities.

Dr. Miami’s – Michael Salzhauer Snapchat Name: @therealdrmiami

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Snapchat Stars Snapchat Usernames

Shonduras Snapchat Name

image of Shaun McBride On Snap

Shaun McBride commonly known by his username Shonduras, is a snapchatter, Vlogger and YouTuber. He has many followers on snapchat due to his cool and amazing snapchat stories. To get Shonduras Snapchat latest stories you can add Shonduras Snapchat username which is down below.

With his great abilities and creativity, he has won snapchat storyteller award at Streamy Awards back in 2016.

shonduras snapcode

About Shaun McBride :

BirthdayJuly 7, 1989
BirthplaceWest Point, Utah
Age30 years old
Zodiac SignCancer
image of Shonduras On Snapchat

He is a professional skateboarder that is why he has a garage full of skateboards and its accessories.

He also loves to play games that is why he has made his gaming setup in his house he also streams his video gameplay.

Shonduras was born in Utah. He married Jenny McBride. They have a daughter named Adley.

He collaborated multiple times with Casey Neistat.

Shonduras Social Media Accounts :

His Youtube channel, called “Shonduras”, is very popular and has many subscribers, who reached more than 2.47 million subscribers. He published more than 1,322 videos on his distinguished channel. These videos achieved a very large number, reaching more than 1,685,367,225 views.

“WORLD’S FIRST CEREAL BABY” This video is one of the most viewed videos on his YouTube channel, as it exceeded the barrier of 62,196,468 views since 02/14/2018 until this day.

Fans of his Facebook page exceeded more than 82,718 with over 114,016 followers.

All the videos that he publishes on YouTube he posts on his Facebook page and bring him good views.

The fan results on his Facebook page are close to the fan results on his Twitter page, as the number of followers on his Twitter account reached more than 82K Followers.

PROFESSIONAL FUN HAVER !!” This is not his title, but what he calls himself, and he is really a distinguished and ambitious person who was able to stick to his dream until he reached what he wanted, and he is now reaping the fruits of his fatigue. Regarding his account on Instagram, follows by more than 250k followers, where he publishes many pictures and videos that belong to him and pictures with his family Which he loves very much

Shonduras Snapchat Name: shonduras

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