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About Simmi Singh:

BirthdayMay 25, 1989
BirthplaceFlorida, United States
Age28 years old
Zodiac SignGemini

image of Simmi Singh (Simmi Singh) on SnapSimmi Singh AKA TheSimszter on YouTube and other social media platforms. She is a YouTube vlogger, Videographer, and professional dancer.

Simmi was born in Florida, but originally from Punjab, India. Her parents live in India currently she is living in Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, California.

She has been pranked several times by her former boss Yousef Erakat. She was Yousef’s Manager for almost 3 years. And has also appeared in several videos of FuseyTube channel.

Relationship and Family Life:

When it comes to family, she has two brothers and a sister. But when it comes to personal life she does not talk about it and her YouTube channel as couple of months back there were speculation about her and Yousef being in a relationship she does not said a word and kept quite on this matter. After a month Yousef reveled all story and fired her from job.

She posted a video after alleged breakup with Yousef Erakat.

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