Luke Hemmings is a singer from Australia. Luke has a brother and sister. They all live together with their parents in Australia. Luke is well-known as a member of an Australian pop rock band called “5 Seconds of Summer. The group consists of several musicians, and he is the youngest member of that team. Luke was interested in music from his earliest childhood, so it was not weird when he started doing it professionally.

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About Luke Hemmings :

Birthday July 16, 1996
Birthplace Sidney
Age 22 years old
Zodiac SignCancer

YouTube Channel

He also discovered YouTube in 2011 where he opened a channel in that year. That was a successful business tactic because he has gained a massive number of followers. Typically, he shares his songs there and his followers have a nice opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of such a creative channel. However, he uses other social media websites as well, and that’s quite familiar for all the young men and women of his age.

Snapchat Usernames and Social Media Accounts

image of Luke Hemmings (Luke Hemmings) on Snap

So you can find him on Facebook and Twitter, but he also has a Snapchat account. If you are a fan of that network, you can find him there. Luke Hemmings Snapchat username is the same like his real name, so you can reach his profile by entering “lukehemmings” into the search bar. Of course, you have only to avoid inverted commas, everything else is the same as it is written. Luke’s fans might try to make contact with him over Snapchat, so they should start following him there if they have not done that yet.

Also, the fans can use the band’s Snapchat username called 5SOS to find Luke on the website. They can find other members of the group in the same way, and that’s not an exclusive Luke’s profile. But if you are his fan, you can follow both accounts. It is a suitable way to get the latest news in the quickest manner.

Potential Contacts and Followers

Some of Luke’s potential Snapchat contacts might be other popular YouTubers such as Joey Graceffa, Daniel Preda, or Sawyer Hatman. They are not all from the same branch, however, it can be even more interesting that way. Luka also owns accounts on other social media websites including Facebook and Instagram. So if you do not have Snapchat, you can follow him there. The band’s accounts are also available for all those great Luke’s fans.

Luke Hemmings Snapchat Name : @lhemmings5sos