Jordi Van Den Bussche also known as Kwebbelkop is a YouTuber who is known for his Grand Theft Auto 5 YouTube videos. You can read below about Kwebbelkop Snapchat and his life. He has a sister named Lauren. His mom has appeared in his videos several times her name is Brigittela. kwebbelkop snapcode

About Kwebbelkop :

Birthday  June 1, 1995
Birthplace Amsterdam, Netherlands
Age 24 years old
Zodiac Sign Gemini
image of Jordi Van Den Bussche Kwebbelkop (Jordi Van Den Bussche Kwebbelkop) On SnapHe is currently dating Azzyland which has appeared in his videos. He has done several collaboration with her on his channel and also on her channel. Kwebbelkop has a college degree but he left studies and use his video games love as a job now he is earning way much more. He has a full time team which manages his channel including editing filming and other stuff.

Kwebbelkop Snapchat Name: Kwebobob