Inanna Sarkis is a social media personality actress and a vine star who has also done modeling. If you are looking for Inanna Sarkis Snapchat name you can proceed at the end of this article.

Inanna was born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada on May 15, 1993. Her mother is Bulgarian who is a surgeon by profession. Her dad is a dentist she has an older brother.

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She obtained a bachelor’s degree from Ryerson University, Also she knows multiple languages including Bulgarian, English and Assyrian.

Currently she is doing comedy skits and short films. She is near to hit 1 million subscribers on her YouTube channel.

Inanna Sarkis is friends with all major vine stars and has done collaborations with them including Anwar Jibawi, Alissa Violet, Amanda Cerny, Lele Pons, Logan Paul, Juanpa Zurita, Jake Paul, Hannah Stocking and George Janko.

Inanna Sarkis Snapchat Name: Inanna_xo