Lilly Singh A.K.A IISuperwomanII is a YouTuber her channel is also named as IISuperwomanII. She almost have all social media accounts on that name including IISuperwomanII Snapchat name iiSuperwomanii is a YouTube star and a comedian.

Lilly has given a name to her fans “Super Team” (as every YouTuber has mentioned a name for their fans which is specific to them).

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Superwoman was born on September 26, 1988, in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. Her parents belong to Punjab, India.

Lilly Singh has also performed in films and rap singing. Her videos received 1.6 billion views from the day she started.

She has 11 million subscribers on her main channel.

She has two channels one is for daily vlogging and other is for her skits and comedy.

IISuperwomanII Snapchat Name: iisuperwomanii