Emma Chamberlain is a popular YouTuber from the United States. She currently lives in Los Angeles. Her father is an artist and she does not have brothers and sisters. Emma grew up in the Silicone Valley, but they later moved to LA. She has a great channel on YouTube with approximately 8 million subscribers.

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About Emma Chamberlain :

Birthday May 22, 2001
Birthplace San Francisco
Age 18 years old
Zodiac SignGemini
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However, Emma also uses other social media sites including Snapchat. Her username there is “emmachambie” and anyone can find it under the nickname. Some of the related contacts are other popular YouTubers which have accounts on that website. For example, Marcus Butler has a great channel on YouTube, and he uses Snapchat as well.

Jim Chapman is there as well, and his channel on Youtube is great too. Both of these excellent YouTubers are potential contact for Emma. They all work in the same field and are very successful, so they can share a lot of ideas while exchanging the latest tips and tricks regarding the YouTube business. Still, Emma is not so active there, however, new friends can make a difference, so she might be more attracted to the website.

Nice Things to See

Snapchat is an excellent online place to start an initial contact with people which you do not know from real life. You can then move to Facebook or Twitter where you can develop a more thoughtful conversation. Emma’s videos are really fun, and she is talking about all kinds of stuff. Sometimes, she brings interesting news from different places, and you can see the things from her angle.

Shew travels a lot, and some of the destinations are really extraordinary. So you would most likely have a great time while watching her shows, and that’s a nice reason to follow her on social media sites. You can choose YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter or Instagram because Emma has an account on all of these sites. It means Emma is an excellent potential contact for many, not just famous colleagues from YouTube.

Interesting Things to Learn About Emma Chamberlain

Those who want to start a career in the field of Internet Marketing might learn a lot from Emma. She is young, but she is very successful as a Social Media Influencer. You can quite easily find all of her profiles just by entering a query with her name or the Snapchat username in Google’s search bar. The results will contain links to her channels and profiles on social media websites.

Emma Chamberlain Snapchat Name : @emmachambie