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About Casey Neistat :

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BirthdayMarch 25, 1981
BirthplaceNew London, Connecticut
Age38 years old
Zodiac SignAries

image of Casey Neistat (Casey Neistat) On SnapCasey Neistat an American vlogger, YouTuber, filmmaker, author and creator of his reality TV show on HBO known as the Nesitat brothers. He also owned a company called beme which he recently sold to BBC as per news and in his official statement in one of his video.

Early Life:

Casey grew up in a small family in which he has two brothers and a sister. He was not very good in his studies and at the age of 15 he left the house with his girlfriend to Virginia. After getting her girlfriend pregnant he was worried for his future so he moves back to Connecticut. In 1998, April his son was born whose name is Owen. After he broke up with his girlfriend he moves to New York City where he lives in his friend’s apartment with his newly born son Owen and worked as a dishwasher in a restaurant.

After all that mess in his life he finally meet Candice Pool whom he got married in 2013 and he also have a daughter named Francine.

When it comes to collaborations he has done it with other several YouTubers including Roman Atwood, Jesse Wellens and others.

Casey Neistat is known for his vlogging style he is also known as God of vlogging. Currently he is doing nothing he not even vlogging his vlog channel has huge impact on YouTube but sadly he has quite vlogging couple of months back.

Achievement and Awards:

Casey Neistat became a successful millionaire in 2013 and founded his company back in 2015 called beme. He aslo won the John Cassavetes Award in 2012. In 2016 he also won Streamy Award for Best First Person Series in 2016.

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