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Alissa Violet Bio

Birthday June 12, 1996
Birthplace Ohio
Age 23 years old
Birth Sign Gemini

image of Alissa Violet (Alissa Violet) On SnapAlissa Violet Snapchat is searched by many of her fans so we are putting some efforts for you guys out there. Alissa Violet is an Instagram model she started her career in 2013 by posting pictures on Instagram and Vine. She was famous on vine too she had 350K followers but after vine was disconnected she moved to YouTube and now she is doing videos on Youtube.

Alissa was born in Ohio but she moved to Los Angeles, California for her career in entertainment.

Violet was in news for having relationship with Jake Paul but the couple never denied this. Recently the broke up after Jake accused her cheating on him both had a beef on twitter and in the end she left Team10 house where she was living with all her friends on the other side Jake said she kicks out Alissa on cheating.

Alissa usually hangout with her friends which are also YouTubers including George Janko, Tessa BrooksAmanda Cerny and Logan Paul.

Alissa Violet Snapchat Name: alissaviolet